Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Working on the Fall Wardrobe

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Fall, and how much I can't wait for it to be here?  Well I do.  I got a little giddy for Fall last year too.  I'm excited for all those same things this year, and

the crisp air

the apple crisp ;]

crunchy leaves




I'm pretty excited for Fall fashion.  I love layering, and with this abnormally hot Maine summer (I know!  It's not hot compared to a lot of places, but seriously!  It's Maine for crying out loud!) layering has been scarce.  I miss my boots.  And my cardigans.  And my scarves.  Anyway, Fall will be here before we know it, and I received more hand-me-downs from my little brother today. 

After a frustrating day with a 2.75 year old and then a frustrating start with sewing machine tension, I finally came up with a happy refashion.  I present to you, my new fall shirt dress/tunic!

Before:xxl men's button down

After: super cute plaid tunic!
Tunic: refashion  Belt: hubs closet  Cowl & Boot socks: made by me  Boots: Target (2011) Leggings: F21 

One thing I super duper love about this refashion (and my previous ones) is that it's not maternity exclusive.  You can totally wear it and rock it while not pregnant.  I can wear this tunic minus the belt for a looser, more comfy fit, but I do love the way belts give me some shape and highlight my belly.  I kind of followed this tutorial.

PS are you getting tired of my 70s bathroom mirror cell phone pics with bad lighting yet?  I have this thing for sewing at night and/or when no one is around to take a decent photo.