Monday, August 6, 2012

Mama Time

I'm fortunate enough that my little lady still takes daily naps. Not super long naps, but everyday after lunch she lays down for an hour to an hour and a half.

I try to avoid using this block of time to do household chores. I find that having mama time while she naps leaves me feeling a lot more refreshed and ready to tackle the afternoon when she wakes up. This helps me to be a more gentle, patient, loving mama.

Here are some things I do to relax in the afternoons:

- Write in my prayer journal.

- Paint my nails.

- Read/write blogs.

- Watch hairstyling tutorials on youtube then try them out.

- Read books.

- Knit outside.

- Watch an episode of a show or part of a movie while knitting. I usually choose something girly that I know the hubs would rather not watch.

- Craft something I don't want "help" with. ;)

- Browse Pinterest or chat on Facebook.

- Slowly enjoy a hot drink, while it's still hot.

- Nap. (I did this everyday early in pregnancy - I was beat!) If being woken up makes you grumpy, set an alarm for a few minutes before you expect your little(s) to wake up.

- Sew. A partial project or a simple project that can be done in an hour.

Oh and also, here's my belly.  A few days late, but that's okay!

Each Friday I can hardly believe another week has gone by.  This pregnancy is so fast so far.  (Have I said that already??)  We're 3 weeks away from the half-way point!  Amazing!  I still feel like I just found out, and I still forget I'm pregnant some days.  I have been feeling a little movement here and there though, so that helps remind me. =]  Ben is (im)patiently awaiting his turn to feel a kick.  

What do you like to do during your mama (or daddy) time?