Tuesday, July 10, 2012


so.  I've kind of been in the upcycling business lately.  I was actually working on something right before this, but it was frustrating so I decided to take a break.

anyway, pictures!

Before:  This is a shirt from the hub's closet.  I actually claimed it a good year or so ago, and used it as a sleep shirt, but I decided to make it more fitted.  That way it will be a cute, stretchy, fall item for me!

After:  Ta da!

I didn't take a before shot of this (or the next one) but they were size XL men's v-necks my brother didn't want anymore.  I used this tutorial.

This one I just took in the sides to fit me (I just use a shirt that already fits me well as a guide) then cinched up the sides with elastic.  Mostly because it was pretty long and I didn't want to hem it, partially for the side-ruching effect.

I used masking tape to make the chevron stripes then painted the turquoise with acrylic paint mixed with textile medium.  I'm not sure if the textile medium makes a huge difference or not.  (It's supposed to make the finished project softer, I think?) I did not make the Maine State Aquarium sticker. =P  I love this little shirt and I have 1 or 2 more blank ones that I need to make into little, unique, beauties.

And lastly, this little set I made out of an old shirt that was mine.  I made this right when I found out I was pregnant, before anyone knew!  (Besides the hubs.)  I grabbed a cute pair of nb pants out of Z's old clothes, and used them as a pattern.  For the hat I traced around the hat she wore in the hospital. =]