Friday, August 17, 2012


19 weeks!  One more week and we're halfway to our due date.  This is crazy to me, I still feel like we just found out we were expecting another little bundle of love.  I also feel like my belly looks the same in every picture, and perhaps one week it will just pop right out!

How far along:  19 weeks!

How big is baby:About 6 inches long and 1/2 a pound!  Fruit comparison is a mango.

Total weight gain:  Not sure at this point.

Maternity clothes:  Not really, a lot of my pants are still low enough to work.

Sleep:  Yes, please.

Best moment of the week: Feeling kicks some. =]

Food cravings:  Nothing really.

Food aversions: It just depends on the moment.  Nothing in particular.  I did buy ground coffee this week when I got groceries though.

Symptoms:Normal stuff.  Haha.

Movement: Yep. =]

Gender: We'll see - when baby arrives.

What I’m looking forward to:  Feeling lots of movement. 

What I miss: Nothing.
Next appt:  End of August.