Thursday, April 15, 2010

Being Green =D

I thought I would take some time to share some products our family uses and different ways that we consider ourselves to be "green" or natural. I'm just going to list some things and possibly talk about them a little bit.

**I will add more to this list as I think of things or as we do more to be green!**

-Reusable water bottles. We use either stainless steal or BPA free plastic.

-Stainless sippy cups. Z doesn't use hers yet, but we have one!! =]- Dr. Brown's bottles. These are made of BPA free plastic. Z is exclusively breastfed, but she take the occasional bottle of breastmilk if I'm not able to be with her for a feeding.
-Reusable shopping bags. When we get groceries (or anything), we use a giant LL Bean canvas tote, and then the store reusable bags for everything that won't fit.

-Reusable Produce bags. (Which we fill with locally grown & organic produce as often as possible!) I purchased ours from AMK designs and they're great! No more plastic bags to throw away when we get home!
- Cloth napkins & towels. We don't buy paper napkins or paper towels.

-7th Generation Dish Soap.
-Planet Laundry Detergent.- We recycle. Everything our transfer station will let us. Plus we save #5's for the 'Gimme 5' program at Whole Foods.

- Cloth diapers. We use cloth diapers full time. Even at night and when we go out!- 7th Generation Baby Wipes. We had previously used cloth wipes, but switched to 7th Gen when our little one's diaper rash appeared to be going away when we used them.

- CJ's BUTTer. We use this on Z's bum at every diaper change and as a moisturizer all over. You can read the review I did here.

-Burt's Bees baby wash.- Burt's Bees Shampoo & Conditioner for me.-Dr. Bronner's soap for me. (And occasionally Z.)

-Tom's of Maine toothpaste.