Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review: CJ's BUTTer

It all started when I was checking my facebook... ::cue dreamland music::

A fellow cloth diapering mama friend of mine had posted on her status that she had ordered a cloth diaper safe, all natural, diaper rash cream. This peaked my interest, since you have to be so careful, not only about what you put on your baby's skin, but also what ends up on your cloth diapers. Traditional diaper creams can cause staining on cloth or build-up which leads to repelling issues. And we all know we don't want that...

I asked my friend about this diaper rash cream and she directed me to CJ's Sewing Room. She also told me that the BUTTer worked great for her son's dry skin. That's where it really got me. We'd been trying to battle a diaper rash with vaseline (which required me to use liners in my diapers) for quite awhile, and Z had red, flaky dry spots all over. I had to try it!

I received my Mango, Sugar & Mint BUTTer on Saturday morning and started using it immediately. Saturday afternoon I gave her a bath and then slathered her in BUTTer. Btw, it smells soooo good! By Sunday afternoon her rash was already clearing up. Her dry skin is taking a little longer, but it's no longer red so I know it's working.

My favorite part? (besides the obvious awesomeness that it's clearing up my poor baby's skin!) I LOVE that I can slather her all up and not have to worry about the BUTTer getting on her diapers.

Some other great uses for BUTTer:
- It has helped people to get rid of eczema. One mama ended up using BUTTer after going through 5 prescription creams that weren't working! And the dermatologist agreed that she should just keep using the BUTTer!

- BUTTer works great for black/mixed hair and dreads.

This stuff is truly all around fantastic!

So here I am. A BUTTer user and lover, wanting to spread the love, and the BUTTer! I contacted CJ, and she has generously agreed to send me some of her BUTTer and some of her lotion for a giveaway! In fact, there will be 3 lucky people who get to try her products! I'll be posting 3 separate posts and using a random number generator from Random.org to pick the winners.

Here's a bit about CJ: "I am a busy 30-something Work-At-Home Momma living in the Rocky Mountains of the United States.

I have four main roles and passions in life.

First and foremost, I am a daughter of God.

Secondly, I am wife to my sweet husband and soul mate. We were married in February 2003 and are currently living happily ever after!!

Next, I am momma to two fiery redheads and 1 sweet strawberry blond! Our first was born in 2004, our second in 2006 and our baby in 2007! They keep me busy and very fulfilled.

Finally, I am a seamstress and owner of CJ’s Sewing Room! This business was born out of a need for a warm and safe alternative to bulky winter coats when we moved to Colorado and our youngest moved out of his bucket seat. I didn’t know how I was going to manage 3 kids in and out of the car, with blankets and coats falling all over the place! One night, I looked at my son’s lovey in his crib. It is a lamb head with a small blanket coming down like a dress that overlaps in the back. Thus the Travel Trench was born!! Along the way, I have added new products that solved a 'problem', like the Towel Trench (the summertime cover-up that won't fall off--great for bathtime, too!), and the One-Size Blanket Bag for toddlers (a safe sleepsack with footie holes, so baby can stand and walk.)

Our kiddos also have very sensitive skin, and I quickly learned that we needed to find *something* that would protect their skin in cloth diapers. At the same time, we were doing our best to use natural products wherever possible. At my husband’s encouraging and my own curiosity, I began doing research to find out what combinations of natural butters and oils would work for our skin. After months and months of trial and error, I finally found what I thought to be the best combination and it WORKED!! BUTTer was created. From there, I branched out to lotion and lotion bars, lip balm, milkbath and bath salts. We also decided to sell the cleaners we were already using in our own home. "

Sooo yeah! That pretty much sums it up! Be on the lookout for the giveaway posts in the next few days with the "how-to" on entering. Invite all your friends! =]

[I was not paid or otherwise compensated for this review, I just love the product!]


Dumpster Doll said...

Wow! This stuff sounds great! i might try to get some for my dreadlocks! Glad it worked for Ziva!

Anonymous said...

I would love to try the BUTTer or the lotion, especially in the Pink Sugar scent. I would also eventually love to have a Towel Trench. We have the Travel Trench and it is fantastic.

Hands&fire Pottery from DS

ELC Knits said...

I would be excited to try the BUTter, the lotion or the lipbalms. I have heard such raves about her products and 2 of my children have mild eczema and soaps or lotions with chemical bases really aggravate them. Living in Alaska where it is dry and cold 8-9 months of the year, good lotion is a must and lip balm is a godsend!! I would be very lucky to try any of her products! tina_clewis@yahoo.com

Katie Sloma said...

Hey Melissa, I am following your blog!

Blogger said...

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