Tuesday, March 23, 2010

4 Months!

It's a good thing I don't get paid to blog. Because I would've been fired long ago. ;]

Finally today I'm getting around to posting Z's 4 month pic. She was rather indifferent during the photo shoot, but I love this shot of my beautiful girl. I think she looks so stunning, I'm going to make a b&w print for our wall. =]

4 month stuff:

-She looooves her feet. They are way more fun than any of her toys and it's totally cute. She holds on to them and puts them in her mouth while I change her diaper, so I only have to do 1/2 as much work as I used to! ;]
-She's really getting the hang of using her hands for holding toys and grabbing things she wants. (Like my chicken ceasar salad... good baby!)
-She wants to sit up sooo badly, but she's not quite ready! She lifts her head and her legs if she's laying on her back. She always wants to be upright and able to see what's going on.
-She has aquired a whine. We're not quite sure where she got this. Maybe it's just something kids learn instinctively, or maybe it's a result of being around my family's dog too much. ;]


=] said...

=] I like that baby.

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