Monday, November 5, 2012


Just popping in to say 'hey' and share some weekend (a couple weeks ago) pictures.  Some fall fun was had, but today it's been spitting snow off and on.  Silly Maine. =]

We met friends for lunch and were pleasantly surprised that it was the weekend of LL Bean's Pumpkin Fest.  (or whatever it's called.)  There were 10,000 or so pumpkins.  So fun to look at!  We didn't stay late enough into the day to see them lit, but it was fun to see them in the daylight too. =]

We also had a donut picnic and that was fabulous.  There were employees standing on on the street with samples.  You should not target pregnant women with free samples of donuts.  Okay, I didn't mind.  They were a delicious treat. =]

The weather has been so unseasonably warm here lately, but it seems this past weekend may have ushered in true November weather.  It's chilly and I'm beginning to want to go into hibernation mode.  This is great for our apartment because I got some serious cleaning/organizing (nesting?) done this morning.  Now I'm beat and plan to take a quick nap while the kiddo is still down for hers.

What's on your agenda these days?