Sunday, November 11, 2012

31 weeks


How far along: 31 weeks (!!!!how??!!!)

How big is baby: 3-3.5 lbs, about 16 inches

Total weight gain: Oh, some.  Leave me alone.

Maternity clothes: Are evil.  Am I the only one who has to constantly pull up maternity jeans?  It's like, I wash them and they fit okay for 2 hours, then they get all baggy in the legs/butt and I'm just pulling on them every 5 minutes.  I've kind of just switched to leggings as much as possible.  They stay up. =]

Sleep:  It's been good lately.

Best moment of the week: Nothing profound really, just enjoying the little things of pregnancy that I'll miss.  Such as a little random bulge sticking out (foot? knee? elbow? 
bum?) and me gently pushing it back into place.  =]

Food cravings:  Nothing really.  I do love me some dark chocolate daily though. 

Food aversions: Nothing.

Symptoms: Been a bit sore recently.  Trying hard not to complain. =]

Movement: Oh yeah.  Sometimes I'm worried that my skin/uterus won't stretch enough and he/she will punch through.  This kid is strong!

Gender: Surprise!

What I’m looking forward to: Newborn snuggles.  And birth.

What I miss: My normal person jeans.  Could be awhile. ;]

Next appt:  Next week.

Reading: Not childbirth related, but child related; Give Them Grace.  Reading slowly, along with the hubs, then discussing the chapters.  So far, it's good.  And a little intense.  Child-rearing is not for the faint of heart.

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