Thursday, August 2, 2012

the blog post where i attract creepers.

So I came across this on Pinterest yesterday.  And I thought "hey!  those are way cute.  i'm going to hack into my boring ole flips and make myself a pair!"

and that's how these

became these

So fun!  I totally just guessed at the lengths of "yarn" I was using, so the tie straps on my right flip flop are wayyyy longer than on my left.  I might fix it, it kind of bugs me.  But it's not so important.  Oh and the fabric is way comfier than those plastic thongs.  (And by thongs of course I mean the part of the flip flop... get your mind out of the gutter.  And go away creepy people who got here by googling 'plastic thongs.'  Maybe I should remove this whole thing...  Ah well.)

And there you have it!  I got myself a pair of new old flip flops. =]

What have you come across on Pinterest lately?