Sunday, July 29, 2012

16 Weeks

This week I thought I'd include a fun little survey to let you know where I'm at, pregnancy-wise!

How far along:  16 weeks!

How big is baby: Size of an avocado I guess. lol.

Total weight gain:  Something like 12 lbs, but I don't believe it. =P

Maternity clothes:  Some.  I slipped into some maternity jeans this afternoon and it was like, "ahhhh. comfort."

Sleep:  It's alright.

Best moment of the week: We had our 16 week appt on Friday and all is well!  2.0 was wide awake with a hb of 160 bpm!

Food cravings:  Ummm.  Pretty much whatever someone mentions when I'm hungry.  Not always a good thing...

Food aversions:  Haven't been drinking coffee regularly since early on.  I'll have it now and then in social situations and I still like iced coffee but for some reason hot coffee doesn't appeal to me.  Weirdness.

Symptoms: I pee quite a bit.  haha.

Movement: Yes!  I've been feeling it and doubting it for awhile but I'm finally convinced.

Gender: Don't know, and aren't planning on finding out this time.  The differences and pregnancy tells me boy, and we have more boy names on our list so that would be nice.  lol.

What I’m looking forward to:  Feeling lots of movement.  Looking definitely pregnant and not just chubby.  lol.

What I miss: Nothing.

Next appt:  End of August.