Friday, April 27, 2012

Um yeah

I've been in a bloggy slump the last couple days.  I enjoy blogging, so sometimes I make myself do it.  Not in a i'm-dreading-this kind of way, but in a if-i-don't-do-this-for-a-week-i'll-stop-for-months kind of way.  It seems like random thought posts are just what I need to keep going sometimes.  =]

::I just found out that Instagram is available for android, and now I feel like one of the cool kids.  Thanks Ira, if you're reading this. ;]

::I'm itching to make another batch of soap.  Coffee soap to be precise.  Oh and speaking of soap, our batch of castile soap will have cured 4 weeks this weekend.  Testing time, perhaps?

::I'm finding this post of random thoughts to be harder than I thought.

::Perhaps I really have nothing to say. ;]

::Oh, I made crackers yesterday.  Chocolate graham types and wheat thins.  They came out good!  Ziva said, "The chocolate crackers are really good."  Which made my heart feel happy. <3

::I'm really craving some good ole family ocean time.  It's still going to be quite cold at the ocean here in Maine, but I still love it.  There's a great spot we love to go with hiking trails and ocean.  Two of our favorite things.

::Maybe next year, I want to keep bees.  For realz.

::I'm going to stop talking now.  Bye. =]


Ira said...

You always were one if the cool kids. ;) Good post.

Nicki Corridoni said...

seems like it's been one of those weeks, eh? me too.

Haley said...

If you keep bees you're going to be my honey lady! :P