Monday, April 16, 2012

tshirt goes play dress

We are soaking up the sunshine and warm weather here!

The Z girl needed some "new" warm weather clothes, so I pulled out last year's summer stuff to see what would still fit.  (She's grown up, but not out.)  I also decided to go ahead and chop up some of my old shirts to make some play dresses.


I liked this shirt but it had gotten stretched out and misshapen so I decided to give it new life.
Dress 2


For the skirt, I just cut...


Pinned to one of last year's tank tops...
(I like the raw edges showing, and since it's knit fabric it won't fray.)

Sewed in place twice, then I cut off the remaining 4-5 inches of tank top that was on the inside.  You could sew a zig zag stitch on the raw edge of the tank top but 1) it shouldn't unravel since it's knit, and 2) no one will see it.


Then you're ready to play!