Thursday, April 12, 2012

Knitting + storage

Pattern repeats

I almost titled this post knitting + sanity. Which is basically a synonym of storage, no?
When I'm knitting something I don't always print out the pattern. I have a smartphone and the hubs has a kindle so it's super easy to just pull it up on there for reference. When it comes to more complicated patterns say, with lace repeats, it's nice to have it on paper.

I (try) to store all my printed patterns in a 3-ring binder. Not gonna lie, some of them are just stuffed in there all willy nilly. However, some do make it into page protectors. The reason why I put some in page protectors and not others? Page protectors work as an awesome dry erase surface for pattern repeats!

As I complete a row I cross it off with a dry erase marker. Then when it's time to start the pattern again I simply wipe it and I'm ready! So much better than trying to erase pencil or printing a new one, I do believe!

This has really helped me figure out where I am in my knitting and saved my sanity at times!

Got any knitting (or other craft) shortcuts to share?

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DeliaKnits said...

Brilliant idea with the page protectors!