Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? I wasn't in this space much.  I had some great family time.

The hubs was let out of work early Thursday afternoon and had the rest of the weekend off. We spent Thursday running errands, Friday visiting our friends and their new baby at the hospital, (the hat actually fit!!), Saturday morning at the library (a few more errands along the way), Saturday afternoon reading, and Sunday at church, then spending time with family and friends.

I do believe my week tends to be more relaxing than my weekend at times! :)

I love having extra time with Ben at home but I seem to let the housework and general routine of the day go when he's home. This includes blogging. Thus, Friday rolled around and you got neither a {this moment} nor an update on Project Simplify.

Last week's project was Kid's Stuff. Like I mentioned, Ziva doesn't have a lot of stuff... I did go through her drawers and clean out what she's outgrown and what just plain doesn't get worn. Let's face it, if you know us in real life (or look at my blog for that matter), you know I dress Ziva in basically the same 3 or 4 outfits...

Another thing I did in her room recently was round up all the stray cloth diapers and pack them in a plastic tote. This little lady wears undies to bed and everywhere we go! While looking over the (large) array of diapers we accumulated over 2+ years I have to say I was really only pleased with the appearance of the prefolds! I do believe you can do almost anything with a prefold. Diaper a baby, dust your dresser, I've even seen a picture of my baby sister wearing one fashioned into a sun hat. (Kudos to my dad for such ingenuity! ) I had to replace all the elastic in the pockets at around 18 months and replaced Velcro with snaps before that. I had stinky problems for a little while and let me tell you, prefolds can take a beating.  I scrubbed my pockets with a toothbrush a couple times to strip the detergent buildup. Not fun. I've toyed with the idea of selling everything that's not a prefold or cover. Then I've said no I'll just keep what I have - but I don't really want to replace elastic again... I don't know what I'll do, but I do know that living in Maine, our babies need to wear clothes over diapers most of the time so the cutesy factor isn't a good argument. For goodness sake can someone please send me a link to this post next time I get pregnant?? (Before I see the latest, greatest, cutest new diapers, please!)


Also?  There's nothing much cuter than my Z at 6 months old in just a prefold and an amber necklace! =]

Getting back to Project Simplify - This week's project is in the kitchen.  Which I'm very excited about.  I know I'll be getting rid of lots of unused mugs (why do people have so many mugs????), and cheap pans we bought at walmart as newlyweds needing to cook in something.  I'm really just hoping to get down to the bare essentials, and the rest of the clutter will be off to goodwill.  I'll probably have a wishlist after this... because sometimes my $10 yankee swap blender just doesn't cut it.  (Is it bad that I'd rather mash chickpeas with a fork than use my blender?)

I can't wait to share my before and after pictures - please leave a comment if you're cleaning out too!