Tuesday, July 19, 2011


LinkThis is what I see when I look at my child.

I just wanted to share a little about the joy I'm experiencing as Ziva is growing from a baby into a kid. Of course it's bittersweet but it's oh so fun.

While reading the Montessori book I mentioned here I've learned so so much about the development of children and especially Ziva at this age. The more I understand how her brain is working, the less frustration I feel when she does something that I didn't get before.

I've started to incorporate her into my day's work rather than try to shoo her away while I do it. It takes longer, but we're both happier. She is willing and able to learn. I moved her little table and chairs into the kitchen and we eat at it when it's just the two of us. She's learned to push her chair in and put her dishes in the sink. (Sometimes she has to be prompted.) She likes to throw things in the trash. And she's surprisingly good at discerning what is, indeed, trash. Last night she cleaned out Ben's lunchbox and out of everything in there put the crumpled plastic wrap in the trash.

It's amazing to watch her "get it." The other day I poured her some dry cereal in a bowl and passed it to her, then walked into the living room expecting her to follow and eat her snack in there. I turned around to see her seated at her table happily eating her snack.

Little by little she is growing into a real human. ;]

Oh yeah and she's started wearing undies. Too. Cute.

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Karen said...

It is a lot of fun watching them grow and develop in each stage. :) Ethan loves the trash can. He is good at throwing things away, but then he gets intrigued with all the other stuff in there... :p lol.