Friday, July 15, 2011


So I've been organizing lately... as you now. Trying to just clear out things that I don't need or want. This week I went through my clothes AGAIN and really honestly got rid of things I don't wear. Part of the reason I may have held onto things was that a lot of the clothes I had were really nice, I just didn't like the way they fit me so I never really wore them. So I decided to bring some of my nicer clothes that I didn't wear to a consignment shop in town and get some money for those clothes that are just sitting in my drawer.

This one tshirt I bought from Gap a few months after Ziva was born and I was in this like, "Oh man I'm not pregnant anymore I want new clothes" phase, didn't make it to the consignment shop. I liked the design, I just didn't like the way it fit me and it had armpit stains (am I really posting this on the internet??) so no one would want it.

I decided to make it into something I would wear. No before picture, just think v-neck tshirt with screen printed necklace and you'll see it. ;]

I basically just cut the arms off, then cut the back so it was a sort of halter. I then took another tshirt I don't wear and cut six strips from it. I sewed 3 red strips to each "strap" from the white tshirt and braided them. When I got to where they come together I did a 5-strand braid (I just held 2 together because I had 6 strands). I really enjoy this tank now! It's awesome for layering for a casual, cool, summer look.