Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP(ish) Wednesday

I have been slacking in the knitting area lately. Totally slacking. I haven't really sewed much either. BUT - I've been reading in my free time. READING. Wow. I haven't read for myself in such a long time. It's not fiction, but I still chose to read it on my own free will. ;]

The book is Montessori from the Start. I haven't finished the whole thing, and I also skipped the newborn/infant chapters for now because we're not in that stage. I'm learning a lot about the development of children and the way their minds work. I'm taking bits and pieces of Maria Montessori's method to work into our lives. I don't think every little aspect is going to work for our family, but there are some things that just seem like common sense and are put so plainly that I'm like, "Why didn't I think of that?" I'll try to come back and update once I finish the whole book (with or without reading the baby chapters?? lol)

I have a few other books I checked out from the library that are sitting in a stack waiting for me to dive into them. One on waldorf education, sourdough bread, Amanda Soule's Creative Family, and a companion book to Food Inc (not as excited about that one so we'll see if I crack it open before it's due back.)

Here's a little sewing love.

Sometimes I just need a small project, something quick to do for myself. It's nice to just sit at my sewing machine for a few minutes and create mid-day.

Anyway this is an incredibly random post and it doesn't really even qualify as a "work in progress" but I'm here. =]


Anonymous said...

u should check out Stepping Stones Montessori School in Chelsea

Melissa said...

Thanks, I actually did look up the website a bit ago. However, I have no desire to send her out of the home, plus we couldn't afford the tuition. =]