Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Fruits

Recently in the ladies’ Bible study I attend we talked about giving our husbands the “first fruits of our labor.” In other words, the best, freshest, happiest us.

On a typical day the hubs leaves for work round 6:45-7am.**CORRECTION - apparently I don't know when my husband leaves... it's 5:45-6!** For quite awhile he’s just gotten up, gotten ready, kissed me goodbye (where I mumble something that’s supposed to sound like, “I love you.”) and he’s out the door. Sometimes I didn’t even remember him leaving when I wake up. That means the first me he really sees is the usually tired, sometimes frustrated, typically cooking dinner while a toddler gets into everything mama, who is happy to see him walk through the door so I can hand off the kid. Not just the girl he fell in love with all those years ago. Poor hubs.

A couple weeks ago I asked the hubs if he’d be willing to set his alarm 15 minutes earlier each day, so we could have that time to brew a pot of coffee, snuggle up on the couch, look out our picture window, and chat. He quickly agreed, and I’ve been getting up with him early in the morning and very much enjoying starting my day with him.

Last night we stayed up late, and this morning I slept in.

Man, do I miss our coffee chat today! I feel so much more connected to my husband throughout the day when we have those few minutes. Now I have to wait until after Z is in bed for that us time.

I think I’ve turned into a morning person.

I also love the time after he leaves that is just for me. I usually start a load of laundry the night before, so after he leaves I’m out the door on my way to the clothes line with a basket of laundry, wearing his rubber boots up to my knees and my pajama pants. I love breathing in the fresh, dewy, morning air and the feel of the damp clothes in my hands.

After that I usually like to come back in and check my facebook, email, blog roll, etc so that when Ziva wakes up I’m not distracted by these things and I can give her the attention she needs.

Thirdly is a hop in the shower without hurriedness. Bliss.

Occasionally I even prep dinner or knit a few rows before she wakes up.

Having this early morning time with my hubs really helps me start my day out right. Who or what are you giving your first fruits to?