Monday, June 6, 2011


I recently came across this post and we have been inspired to "unplug" one day a week. We chose Saturdays and for us, unplugged is:

- No TV (which was never really hard for us because we only had 2 channels. I say 'had' because last Saturday night we decided to put our TV in storage and just use our computer if we want to watch a movie or show on netflix.)

- No computer

- No iPod (unless we want to listen to some tunes, that's fine.)

We decided it would be fine to still use our cell phones. We don't have smart phones, and we don't talk or text a ton, so we decided to leave them on. Also, if the hubs and I want to watch a movie together after the kiddo is in bed that's fine too.

Saturday we were away most of the day, so it wasn't really hard. That evening after putting Z to bed we decided to rearrange our living room for fun. Everything pretty much ended up in the same place it had started. =P

The unplugging kind of rolled into Sunday. The computer was turned on and used a couple times, but there was also lots of this...

and this...

our thrifted pillowcase became this...

and our living room rearrangement gave us this...

Time is precious. From now on this family will be spending less screen time, and more face time.

Oh, and ps, check out this great review Delia from Knitted Together did of our blog! It's fabulous!

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DeliaKnits said...

I love unplugging. I don't use the TV during the day. I do however Blog Surf, quite a bit during the day. I need to unplug more. I like your idea of picking one whole day to unplug ..