Friday, November 26, 2010

Birthday Baby

The girl has turned one.

I promise I only teared up a little. A lot less than when she turned one week. I guess we can blame that on hormones. =P

We took Z out for lunch at Cracker Barrel where she enjoyed some mac n cheese. Then to a sweet little bakery for a birthday carrot cupcake. Her party was the following Saturday. She was showered with hugs, kisses and presents and enjoyed another cupcake. =]

She's such a big girl!

- As I type she is standing next to the computer desk and using the mouse. =P
- She's not walking yet, but crawls faster than ever and has learned to climb stairs. (Uh oh...)
- She can get down from furniture by herself. (She's been doing that for awhile though.)
- She's been eating extremely well and enjoyed her first Thanksgiving feast yesterday! (Not her first Thanksgiving, but her first that wasn't entirely consumed through breastmilk. ;])
- She gives kisses. Mostly to me, a little for daddy, and some for her stuffed animals. =]
- She always has her finger up her nose. Classy. ;]
- She hates cats. But I can't blame her.

I am just loving how much fun my sweet girl is at this age. She's so full of curiosity. I love watching her learn and understand.

Happy birthday, baby!