Sunday, October 31, 2010

10 & 11 Months...

...16 days before her first birthday. How horrible am I at blogging anyway? I wouldn't want to do a first birthday post before I post these though! =]

She started legit crawling right around 10 she's an old pro and she can go super fast! She's not walking yet - but does plenty of walking around the furniture and has stood up for 10-15 seconds alone. She's getting so big!

She poops on the potty. Seriously. When we notice her starting to go we whip her diaper off and set her on the toilet. (She has a little seat that sits on top.) Not only does she look incredibly cute - but I don't have to scrape her diapers. =D I'm teaching her the sign for poop and hoping that some day she'll sign when she has to go. =]

She's a rascal. When she's doing something she's not supposed to do and gets caught she giggles and crawls faster towards the taboo item. Oh baby...

I can't get enough of her smiles and laughter.

Also, as bittersweet as her birthday will be - I am truly excited. I am so enjoying every new stage we get to and love watching her grow and blossom into this little lady.