Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring is My Muse

There's something about spring that inspires me.

I'm inspired by the blogs I read, to do more blogging myself. I don't even care if anyone reads this. I just love to flip back through the pages and reminisce. I'd like to say that I keep track of everything that's going on in Ziva's scrapbook, but I don't. =/ So here I am again, blogging for myself. I'm not promising to blog everyday, but I'm going to aim for at least once a week. Fridays to be exact. =] I've learned that some of the best blogs aren't overly wordy, and since I'm doing it for myself anyway, sometimes a picture and a sentence will suffice.

I'm inspired by apartment therapy to purge and organize my home. Living simply is important to me, and unnecessary clutter is my nemesis. I'm taking our home by storm and purging and organizing one area at a time. (Why oh WHY do I still own Claire's brand jewelry from when I was 14? Yeah - crazy.)

I'm inspired to do more crafting. We had a bit of a crafting lull in the B house. But lately it's been rainy here (read: for the past week and a half...) and crafting has been revived. Knitted photography props for a cousins business, fun little signs to make doing the dishes more entertaining, new elastic in cloth diapers that makes them work again.

Fresh, new.


Stay tuned for more inspiration!


The Hamlins said...

So happy you are blogging again. I've missed your "voice"!

Melissa said...

Thanks, D! I'm happy to be back. =]