Friday, June 4, 2010

A Green Thumb something that I've never really had...

However - as of right now I think I am keeping alive more plants at once than I ever have in my whole life. That's blog-worthy... right?

First up we have 2 bowls of something. I honestly don't know what they are. The seeds were part of a wedding favor so I threw them in here! =] If you click on the picture you can see something starting to sprout in the first bowl.

This is my hanging cucumber plant. So far I've picked 5 cukes and they are soooo good!

Next up is a tomato seedling my parents gave me. They had a few too many I guess so I happily adopted this little guy. =]

This is my basil plant that lives on my kitchen counter next to my coffee maker and the window. I use fresh basil in and on everything and anything. From spaghetti sauce, to sandwiches.
Last weekend I bought 2 gerber daisy plants. These are my absolute favorite flower. I decided to pot them and keep them inside so I can look at them all the time. Aren't they pretty?

And I know this isn't alive, but it has a sweet story. =] I had been telling Ben how much I loved seeing all the lupines growing on the sides of the roads here. One evening on our way home he pulled the car over suddenly - I'm thinking, "Oh my gosh, what's wrong!?" He just jumps out of the car and I watch him go to the side of the road and pick me lupines. What a sweetie. And they still look surprisingly good after nearly a week!
I didn't take a picture of it, but maybe I will after I plant it... I bought my own lupine (bush? plant? flower?) at a farmer's market yesterday! Now I can check them out while I'm home.

Oh and btw, I let Z touch my flowers every day, and she never tries to grab them, she just sort of pets them gently. What a sweetie. =]


Delia said...

Jason and I are in the process of planting a HUGE garden and I don't know if I have a green thumb or not.

If we even harvest three tomatoes or one potato it will be a miracle!

Good luck with your garden!

BrendaR said...

I'm impressed!!! The plants are doing very well!!