Friday, June 25, 2010

7 Months!

My sweet girl has turned 7 months old!

7 Month Stuff:

- She sits up all by herself now! (With the occasional topple of course.) She loves sitting on the floor to play with (read: chew on) her wooden puzzle, and whatever she can get her hands on.
- She's really getting the hang of eating solid foods. (Stay tuned for my next post! With pics!)
- I try to get her to say 'mama' every day. To no avail. The kid just stares at me and sometimes gives me a sly grin.
- In addition to her two bottom teeth, she cut her first top tooth last Saturday (6/19) and is working on 3 more top teeth! Holy moly!
- She still loves squealing and yelling with joy. =]
- She's been sleeping through the night again! (Except when she's having a hard time with those teeth!) And I love it. So much.

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BrendaR said...

Happens sooo fast!! She's so sweet!! We love her soooo much!!