Friday, June 25, 2010

BLW Progress

Banana & avocado, 6 Months

Broccoli, 6 Months

Sand, 7 Months... wait, sand isn't food? My bad. Ziva seemed to think it was.

Avocado, 7 months (and she was LOVING it!)

Mandarin Oranges, 7 Months (her new fave!!)

We started doing baby-led weaning (BLW) one day shy of Z's 6 month bday. We sat her in her bumbo and watched in awe as she mouthed a couple pieces of banana and avocado. Seriously. We took like 5 videos, and if we ever get around to editing maybe I'll post one. lol.
She has days where she has absolutely no interest in eating solids at all, and days like yesterday where she couldn't get enough. (She started to eat smooshed avocado off her bib...)
Here is a list of foods that Ziva has tried (and there's probably more that I can't think of):
-Whole Wheat toast/bread
-Green bean
-Lemon (I know, I know, but you should've seen her face!! =P)
-Sweet potato
-Artichoke heart
-Whole wheat waffle
-Mandarin Oranges (Her absolute FAVE!)
- Yogurt

We really enjoy doing BLW. I have yet to purchase this book, but I have good intentions. =]