Saturday, August 29, 2009

Knitting Madness

I was so happy that I had enough leftover merino from my longies to make this soaker! Merino is way too beautiful and soft to go to waste! I knit the entire thing Thursday. It was so quick and easy to do I can't wait to make a few more! So for a grand total of $20 I was able to make 2 pairs of longies and a soaker! Not too shabby if you ask me!! =]

So you may remember my knit "Uggs" that I made for my friend's twins, and they ended up being very large, at least for a newborn. (See link---> I have plenty of leftover Berroco Suede (the darker color that was used for the bottom) to make a pair or two for my little one. But, seeing she'll be born in November (the same month the twins were born) I want them to be small enough for her to actually wear when it's cold. At first I was going to just try knitting the pattern on smaller needles and seeing what happened. But it's knit flat and seamed and I'd so much rather knit in the round. So what I'm doing currently is trying to adapt the sock pattern I just used to make some smaller booties. You don't get quite that same boot shape, so we'll see. =]

PS - While the boots are cute and all, I CAN'T STAND working with Berroco Suede. I am itching to get my hands on some good wool!!!