Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting Back Into Crafting

It feels soooo good to be back into regular crafting. Why did I stop you may ask? Camp. I know I live at camp year round and it would be very easy for me to walk upstairs to my apt and craft, but I just felt so antisocial. So here I am again, covered in sawdust and paint, and searching ravelry for my next knitting project. =] Bliss.

Also, my mom and I are thinking of starting up a monthly (or bi-weekly) Knitogether. (I came up with that myself. =D) I would so enjoy sitting around with a bunch of ladies, just chatting and knitting and perhaps having some snacks! So that's in the works. I think it would be fabulous.

DH, BIL and I went to the "Maine Farm Days" over the weekend. I kind of just tagged along because there was nothing to do at home... and in hopes of seeing some alpacas. I was in luck! They had two crias (babies) there, and I decided that semi-posing with them would be a good opportunity for a belly pic! So here it is! 28 weeks, 1 day.
Isn't he the cutest??
Last week I was able to visit with my 90 (?) year old great-grandmother and she gave me a sweet quilt for the baby. It was made by one of our relatives and she bought it from her. She is my last living great-grandparent, so it's really special that we got a gift for the baby from her. =] She said the fabric was very old - I am thrilled that my daughter owns some vintage Strawberry Shortcake!!

And of course... fresh off the needles, a bunny hat! =] It's size 3-6 months. And sooo cute!

Maybe I'll make some matching socks to go with it! =]


alicia.beaulieu.mccarthy said...

ooh its so adorable! what a cute idea a bunny hat! so sweet


i love this!! so cute!

Delia said...

If you do start Knitogether I'd be interested in going.

That hat is so cute!!