Sunday, January 18, 2009

Faux Baby Uggs!

Here is a photo of the lovely baby booties that I FINALLY just finished for Alicia's twins, Hallee and Taylor. I started them before they were born...Nov 26...but got busy with Christmas and everything so they got stuck on the back burner. However, they are going to be a little big for them for a while and it's still very cold in Maine!!

So now my newest endeavor is to start making wooden earrings on my new scroll saw. =] =] =]

I love it. =]

I have a few designs sketched out and I've picked up some materials so after I make 5 or 10 pairs I'm planning on opening an etsy shop. But I still need a few things to get started. Right now I'm just practicing on scrap wood that Ben had.

Sooo since I haven't posted since October (eeek!) I think I feel obligated to put some footage of some good ole Maine winter fun.

Okay so it wasn't that fun...but we're having quite a storm right now! So maybe later on we'd have better luck sledding. Church is cancelled today so we'll have to find something to do to entertain ourselves. =]

We watched a sermon online from Mars Hill Church in Washington. The speaker is Mark Driscoll and it was pretty good. He spoke about generosity and compared our economy to that of the Corinthian church.

I'll try to be more diligent about keeping my blog updated! I couldn't remember my user name or password this morning, =/ but I got that figured out!

Ciao for now!


BrendaR said...

The booties came out so cute!! I can't wait to see them on the girls! When do we get to see the wooden earrings?

Bridget said...

Ok...I just printed off the pattern for those cute booties! I'll try knitting them with organic merino and see how they come out!!! Once I've knit them once, I can probably transform it to an "in the round" pattern...we'll see!! And wow...very cool about making wooden earrings!! You'll have to show me once you've made some! Hope you get an Etsy shop!! It's so fun to have your own business!!
:) Bridge