Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring = LOVE


Remember my favorite tree from my 'Winter Wonderland' post? Looks a little different now huh? The picture doesn't even do it justice. It makes it look like an overcast day when really it's super sunny and 84 degrees!! (Maybe I should'nt have taken the picture through a screen...=P) Anywayyyy I'm so excited for DH to hang up my hammock chair soon! (A lovely little contraption we picked up in Cancun on our honeymoon.) It's great to sit in and swing in the tree and just read or chill. Love it. It did live in our livingroom the first few months after we got it. But it ended up not really matching the decor... Lol.

So today is on of the first days that I've reallllly wanted to wear shorts and a tanktop. Unfortunatly, my summer clothes are still sucked up in one of those space saver bags in a cupboard behind our bed. I tried tugging on the bed. No such luck. I'll make sure DH gets them out tonight though! Yipee! I am loving this weather!


Anonymous said...

I see that your profile has changed to say a momma to be! Congratulations to you and Ben, being a parent is such a blessing! Hope you are feeling well! Jessie

Melissa said...

Thanks Jessie! =]