Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm obsessed.

With the idea of cloth diapering. I say with the "idea" because I haven't actually done it yet, so can I be obsessed with the actual act? I'm not sure. Anyway. First, here's something cute I made on Wednesday.

I looooove these elephants! So cute! And the blanket is complete with corresponding toy loop. =]

While browsing around websites where moms talk about their cloth diapering experiences, (joys, fiascos, praises, snafus, you name it) I came across some users of cloth wipes. Yes, I've heard of this before, but I never really thought deeply about it. But seriously. If you're changing a dipe, what does your brain tell you to do with the wipe? Stick it in the dirty diaper and leave it there right? Then what's the big deal about using cloth wipes? Yeah. Super easy. Just wash them with your dipes. You know those times when someone forgets to take a tissue out of their pocket and it goes through the wash... you get the picture. Same thing could happen with a disposable wipe. Your mommabrain instinctively tells you to wrap up your dirty wipe in your dirty dipe and oops!

So that is how I came to fall in love with the idea of cloth wipes. Not only are they easy. They're less expensive, and generally better for your little one's bum.

I googled "how to make cloth wipes" and found this site. Having made 7 pairs of flannel pjs for our nieces and nephews this past Christmas, I had an uber stash of scraps that were perfect for this project. (And sort of free!!) You can probably tell from the following pictures that I made more little boys pjs. But even if we do have a girl, they're just wipes! Maybe she'll love helicopters anyway. ;]

And here's one unfolded. I ended up really using just the measurements from the website. I opted to do a sloppy looking hem. (Note I didn't show you the back of the wipe!) Lol. But they're just wipes! So I'm not going to sweat it. I have a few more to sew, but my back was getting tired and I wanted to take a picture of my cute wipes.

From now on, you can probably find me stalking the remnant section at Joann.

The green and white striped fabric I bought for 83 cents. And I was able to cut 5 wipes out of it. What's that? Ohhh a little less than 17 cents per wipe. Can you tell I'm a little bit excited about this project?

This one will have to wait a little longer, but I'm excited to do this too!

Hooray for cloth!

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BrendaR said...

Nice! You are doing a good job saving money and living "green"!