Thursday, April 23, 2009

I guess I'll repeat myself...

And say that I am indeed a blog slacker. Gosh.

Having recently lost my job I should now have no excuses for not updating my blog!! Now I just have to figure out what to write about, eh? =P

Ben and I did work on a project last weekend. * Well. Ben worked on a project last weekend. I sort of watched.

Here's proof I actually did some work. Haha. The rest of the time I relaxed in the back of his pickup soaking up some sun. =]

Speaking of sun, we're planning on taking a beach trip this Saturday. YESSSS!! It was Ben's idea and it's super sweet because he doesn't really care for the beach, but he knows how I loooove it and that it's supposed to be about 80 degrees this weekend. That sounds pretty darn good for April in Maine!! Maybe I'll get some sweet pics at the beach. =]

*I will post pictures of the actual project when it's actually done. Well. It's done, but I have some ideas of my own...let's just leave it at that. =]

Edit: ::TMI WARNING:: Ps. I just thought I would also share the story of making rice in the microwave and my hand. Stupid Melissa... opening the rice container immediately after stopping the microwave and not being careful to avoid steam burns is dumb. In a nutshell I got a sick burn covering the tops of my pointer and middle fingers on my right hand. It felt like it was still burning 3 hours later. I kept ice on it throughout the night by stuffing an oven mitt full of bags of ice. And today it feels much better. Despite the fact that there is a ginormous bubble on my middle finger that looks like it could burst at any second. Disgusting!

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Anonymous said...

Be careful with burns...don't actually put ice on them--that makes it worse. Cool water is fine. The difference in hot to freezing cold is bad for your body!