Tuesday, June 26, 2012

grilled pizza

Summer in our home means lots of grilling.  We just love to grill.

We use charcoal.  Mostly because the grill cost us $25 at Target last year, and even though it's more time consuming and can be a little picky, we've come to love the flavor and the classic-ness about it all.

One of our absolute favorite meals to grill is pizza.

(Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, asparagus and mushrooms!  This one was mine, for those of you who know about my semi-picky eaters.)

 It's really hectic in a fun kind of way, but if you had a nice big table next to your grill, with all your ingredients and utensils ready for you, it would be a lot easier.  Apparently we prefer to run in and out of our apartment like chickens with our heads cut off.  The biggest thing is having everything ready to go before you start cooking.  This is how we grill pizza. 

Step 1) Make or buy dough.  I divide one dough ball into 4 sections and shape them into rounds, but the more misshapen they are the more rustic and gorgeous they end up.  (The smaller pizzas are easier to handle, fit on our grill, and let us each have our own individual pie.)

Step 2) (This step could also be done ahead of time) Prepare all your toppings.  Veggies may need to be sauteed ahead of time because the grilling is so fast that they don't really get a chance to cook on the pizza.

Step 3) Grease the grate (I'm not going to lie we don't always do this.) of your already hot grill.  It has to be hot!  If it's just warm the dough will stick.  I like to spray each side of the pizza dough round generously with olive oil spray too.  Place dough on grill.

Step 4) Cover grill.  Don't walk away.  The dough cooks super fast and you need to flip it over.  The top will start to bubble and you can check the bottom by grabbing an edge with your tongs and peeking.

Step 5) Flip it over then immediately place your toppings and cover your grill.  Pretty much once the cheese is melted, the bottom will be done.  (Once again, check the bottom by peeking with your tongs.)  You need to keep a close eye on your pizza unless you like it quite charred. ;]

Step 6)  Slide off onto a plate, repeat with the rest of your doughs and enjoy!


Oh, and then with your extra dough round, brush it with coconut oil and cook it on the grill like usual, only minus the toppings.  Then bring it inside and add more coconut oil, powdered sugar, and cinnamon.  Oh goodness.  "You can make more dessert."  Ziva said. ;]