Tuesday, May 15, 2012



::The hubs and a friend planned a top-secret surprise trip to Boston for me and a friend. =]

::I figured out that my camera wasn't actually broken, I just needed to reset the settings.  (Embarrassing!  But awesome!)

::It's still been rainrainrain here, but this afternoon the sun has come out, which I wasn't expecting!

::We had a really sweet, simple mother's day.  Z got me non-toxic blue nail polish and a lip balm and the hubs picked a dark chocolate bar and a box of tea.  Loves. =]

::We were able to celebrate with both our moms, which was great, even though the place we met the hubs mom for ice cream was giving out free ice cream to mothers.  (The ice cream was supposed to be her gift.)  lol!

::Ziva will be officially 2 and a HALF tomorrow!  Which is crazy, fun and sometimes frustrating.  She is so silly and cracks us up daily.  Last night at bedtime while saying what she was thankful for, she included her butt and butt crack...  That's my little lady.  I'm not going to lie and say we didn't laugh.  It was funny. =]

::Hopefully I'll be back soon with more real pictures and words to go with them.