Wednesday, April 4, 2012

right now.

Sick =(
{Little miss is still battling this awful cold!  =[}

Right now I'm:

listening to the quiet of our home during nap time.

sipping coffee from my favorite cup.

thinking about how much I cherish the one I'm married to and how much I enjoy planning and living our life together.  For the rest of time.
looking forward to warmer weather.  Time spent outside more often and picnics and biking and ocean.

feeling thrifty for thinking about calling family and asking for a can of soup for the little miss, then deciding to rummage around in the fridge and make due.  A red pepper needed to be used up (vitamin c!), a potato, a few carrots, some wilting baby spinach, a bit of frozen corn, a 1/4 of a box of whole wheat rotini that had been hiding in the cupboard for months, oh and a few sprigs of rosemary I grabbed out of the freezer.  Not bad indeed.

{I may have plunked her down in front of a 2 movies so I could get a couple things done.  There's lots of snot and crying and hugging.  But it seems like if she stays still there is less.  Not that I want less hugging.  You know what I mean.}

thinking I probably won't get as much done today as I usually do... and knowing that's alright.