Monday, April 23, 2012







Saturday I decided it would be fun to try foraging for a bit of food.  I had seen a recipe a few months ago for basically fried dandelions in The Rhythm of Family, and wrote it down in my composition notebook titled "Melissa's Brain."  This is the notebook that I keep all my to do lists and budgets and random plans in.  It even doubles as a prayer journal.

The recipe is originally from Fat of the Land.

I love trying new things.  Especially when they're free!  Ben thought I was 100% crazy.  (But I think he secretly loves that about me.)  He is awesome and he tried them and didn't mind them at all.  I told Z that these were the flowers we picked and she tried some too.  I think our overall reaction was that they're alright, but not spectacular.  And being dandelions, they have a bit of a bitter aftertaste.  If I make them again I'd try experimenting with some spices.

I'd love to learn a bit more about foraging in my area!  (Central Maine)  If you have any insight, please share in the comments section! =]