Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday


On my needles is a sweet blue Pebble for my girl.  (Yes, it's called a 'manly' pebble vest - but that's okay!)  This pattern is simple and I love the garter stitch detail that runs up the side.  The pattern only comes in one size (baby) so in order to size it up I swatched (5 sts per inch with worsted on size 8's), measured (20" chest) and cast on 100 rather than 80.  I'm using Manos del Uruguay Maxima and it's lovely.

I've just been knitting the torso region until I think it looks like it will fit well and I'm up to 6 button holes.  I almost skipped the button holes and knit it in the round because I kind of hate purling, but I decided I really like the whimsy of the buttons going up the side.  We'll see if I still like this when it's easier for her to take it off and I want her to keep it on.


I'll be starting the chest portion today (but I need to hold it up to her first and she's still sleeping!) so I'll be posting pics soon!

Oh yeah and about that yarn...


My sweet husband came home from work one night with a surprise idea.  <3  Ziva and I just finished up a 27 month long nursing relationship.  She was down to nursing once a day (right before bed - but if I wasn't home she was fine) and it was a short session at that.  I think she would've kept going with that one short session, but I decided that it would be okay if we were done.  It was easy and painless.  I was able to talk to her about why we were stopping and she only asked to nurse a couple times after that.  Sometimes she still asks, with a joking tone, and giggles.  She's the sweetest.

Anyway - Ben wanted to celebrate my efforts and thank me for sticking it out and providing nourishment for 27 months.  So he took me out Saturday for a yummy lunch, thrift shopping (which ended up being a flop), yarn shopping (where he said, "Don't you want more than that?" <3<3) and new bras. =]  And Ziva wore undies the entire time.  It was a very lovely afternoon, but I did feel quite strange spending all this money on myself.  My sweet hubs does a good job at pampering me.

And the Quince & Co yarn is going to be an immie tee for Ziva.  I'm so excited to knit this for her!