Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today's Post is Brought to You By...

...the color blue.

Maybe I'm craving that crazy blue summer sky, maybe it's coincidental, but nevertheless, there seems to be a theme around here.



Ziva and I got a little set of Piggy Paint.  Such fun for her, and so much peace of mind for me! (Knowing it's non-toxic/eco-friendly!)  She was so sweet showing off her nails to everyone she saw and I sometimes catch her just holding her hands out in front of her looking and smiling. <3 You can see that it's already chipping (we painted yesterday afternoon) but that's okay.  I only did one coat.  Oh yeah and you can now buy Piggy Paint at Walmart in little 2 or 3 packs - that's what we did.



(More about that knitting and yarn tomorrow!)