Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mid-Morning Thoughts

Grocery lists and menus are more fun in color.

I adore this cup and saucer the hubs got me for Christmas. (Oh and he got me the coffee for Christmas too!)

Beeswax crayons are awesome.

Mason jars make everything look cooler.

I want one of these to make my coffee look cooler (but not colder) while traveling.

I've been googling a diy way to make my own cuppow (see above link) with no success.  These guys probably deserve their 7.99 plus 5 dollar shipping for coming up with such a cool product, but the thrifty girl in me says otherwise.

It's finally (I say finally but it's not like I was really hoping for it) looking and feeling like winter in Maine.

I've got the itch to sew Z a cozy nightgown thanks to all soulemama's posts.

I need to bring my sewing machine down to my parents so my dad can figure out what I broke on it this time.

End random thought process.