Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Fun

So about those weekend plans...
We started our weekend with pumpkin spice lattes in hand, and drove out to pick apples.  Apple picking is a fun little trip for a 22 month old (22 months!!??).  We pulled her out into the orchard in a wagon provided by the farm, and she helped us fill our basket in 10-15 minutes.  A basketful cost us about $10 and then we picked out a couple pumpkins.  Fun and easy and we hope to do it again before the season is over.

After driving around looking at houses for sale, we came home to yummy chili in the crock pot and homemade bread.  Mmmm.

Saturday afternoon we made apple pie.  Ziva helped.  She spilled daddy's hot cocoa all over the table and floor.  She got gated into the living room while we finished the pie. =]

Friday evening/Saturday morning we made blueberry bagels.  Yummy!  I really enjoyed the involved process since most of the work was done after the little lady was tucked into bed.  If we could find much cheaper dried blueberries then making bagels at home might actually save us money!  haha!  Next I want to make my personal favorite, chocolate chip bagels!  When I was pregnant with Ziva I craved chocolate chip bagels.  We looked everywhere.  Tim Horton's, grocery stores, Panera.  (I think Panera actually had them, they were just out every time we were there.)  I didn't get my beloved bagel until she was like 6 months old.  I can't believe I never thought of trying to make them...

Sunday brought us to Sunday School, church and a lovely baptism service - which was followed by a family birthday party and then a lazy afternoon of watching football from my parents' couch.

I'm hoping to get my bike ride tonight. =]

What did you do this weekend?