Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We got home late Sunday night from a church missions trip to rural New York. 8+ hours there and the same back. 4 nights in a hotel and we used cloth the whole time. Z did really REALLY well on the ride, had a little trouble getting to sleep in the hotel and really started to come out of her shell more. I'm pretty sure her vocabulary increased on the trip too.

{I just can't help showing off that fluffy bum. And for clarification, we are in a parking lot in this picture. =]}

{Lots and lots of Ergo time - mixed with plenty of Mama (and others!) chasing.}

{We got some rain.}

{& Z learned to sing along with the radio}

I had a great time catching up with Karen and hope that the work we did at their church is a huge blessing. I know I was blessed to just be there and to see others pitching in to do God's work, while sometimes I had to just take a break to be with Z.

We're trying to get back into our daily rhythm now and it's getting easier each day. I breathed a big sigh of relief when I reminded myself that our housework/laundry/getting everything put away didn't all need to be done on Monday. We're just easing back into daily life. =]

{Ps sorry for the ginormous photos. I'm just too lazy to fix them... =/}