Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm already rebelling.

But that's okay. =]

So today is Wednesday. I said Wednesday would be WIP Wednesday. But guess what. I don't want to blog about a dishcloth.

So, here's what I made for snack this morning, kale chips! (Ps, I absolutely love this site.)

I baked ours for 7ish minutes, but I think I could've given them another minute or two. Or maybe some of the pieces should have been smaller. Either way they're tasty, just some pieces are less crispy and more chewy. I'd love to be able to buy organic kale at our local farmer's market - which is today, yay! - but I'm not sure if it's in season yet... haven't seen it there. Yay for healthy homemade snacks that we know are free of artifical colors, flavors and other yucky stuff!

**Update: Kale is in season in the fall/winter season...who knew!**