Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Make your Own Baby Wrap AKA Fauxby

So my friend Heather and I decided to go in on the fabric together and make ourselves some baby wraps. =] I thought I would share here how simple it is and how awesome and comfy the wraps turn out!

-First you need to buy 6 yards of fabric. This seems like a TON and looks totally overwhelming, but you need it. If you're small you can get away with 5 yards. The fabric needs to have some stretch to it. The best we could find at our local fabric store was 95% cotton, 5% spandex - but from what I've heard 97/3 is even better. Our 6 yards totaled about $50, and I had a 50% off coupon, so it came to about $25.

-The width of the fabric is twice as wide as you need for your wrap, so you need to cut it in half lengthwise. (So our wraps cost us each about $12.) Honestly you don't even need to know how to cut a straight line - for if this were the case, I'd be in trouble! The fabric is already folded in half lengthwise, so I just layed it on my bed with the fold on the right, (since I'm right handed) kept the fabric steady with my left hand and just slid my scissor blade inbetween the two layers of fabric and cut all along the edge. Easy peasy.

-The fabric we purchased does not fray in the wash. Therefore this wrap requires NO SEWING. I love sewing. But Z loves to be held. So it was awesome that this wrap literally had one step to making it! One popular brand of wrap (rhymes with what I call this wrap and starts with an 'M'... ;P) has tapered ends so that when you tie it the knot isn't as bulky. I didn't taper my ends but it would be easy enough to do if you so desired.

-Then you just put it on and enjoy grocery shopping, cleaning the house, going for a walk, etc etc etc, hands-free while snuggling your baby!

Here is a video I found on youtube on how to wrap your wrap and put your baby into it! (This isn't me.)

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Bridget said...

Funny I was JUST thinking about when I'm going to get my fabric to make mine this AM when I was in Brunswick close to JoAnn's! Haley made one and I've wanted to for a LONG time! I used a ring sling w/ my last few, but this time I'm doing the Fauxby!!!! Love it!!! Gotta get me one of those 50% off coupons!!!!