Thursday, January 7, 2010

Since my goodmamas didn't come today...

...and I laid awake for like an hour last night thinking about how much I wanted to finish sewing this diaper that I started before Z was born:
Another product of the RRP pattern. It's not perfect. But it's made out of a tshirt I picked up for like 2 bucks at a touristy shop DH & I visited on our anniversary getaway. I actually bought it to make into a sleep gown for her but it was too small. I think I like this better. =] Oh yeah, and it was her souvenir! (I was 16 weeks pregnant.) =]

Ps - I am amazed at how quickly and how much more Z has started using her hands. I better go pack away my dangly earrings. =]


Brenda G said...

I love reading your posts, Melissa. It has actually prompted me to get back to my blog and write. Thanks, Brenda G

BrendaR said...

Boy, in just a few days she's gotten more chunky!!! Proof that breastmilk works!!