Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mitered Corners are the Bain of My Existence...(at least for today!)

I have begun sewing cloth napkins for our everyday use. And boy is it a pain in my tush! They're just so tedious, and although the mitered corners look really good, they're a pain to mess around with! I'm liking the looks of what I've made so far though.

Here is 1/2 my set in the napkin holder.

These are all folded in half, so the napkin is actually more of a square.

I still have 2 of each print left to sew, then I'm making another full set for a friend! I call these my "informal dinner napkins." Not because I actually have formal ones, I don't, but cloth napkins are usually huge. So I thought to myself, why not make smaller ones? I bought a fat quarter of each print and then just cut them all into 4 pieces. They're not exactly square, but hey, they're informal right? =]

Now for something that is a ton more interesting a fun to sew! Diapers! I watched this video. ---->

The video is helpful and makes the diaper seem super easy. So I decided to try it.

The pattern is free, It's for a one-size pocket diaper made with 2 layers of flannel and some elastic. You need to stuff the pocket with something absorbant. (Tri-folded prefold, microfiber, hemp, washcloth, etc.) You can pin, snappi, or use a snug cover. A cover is required to waterproof. I'll probably use my thirsties cover or a wool soaker.

Here are my first 3!


BrendaR said...

Those diapers are sweet! You are a very talented girl! Love you!

BrendaR said...

Your napkins are very nice, too!

A Baby Peach said...

Thank you for posting this! I am going to give them a try!

Melissa said...

Good luck! I think they're fun to make!