Saturday, January 2, 2010


2010 is here!

Am I honestly brave enough to post my New Year's Resolutions on the interwebz for all to see and keep me accountable? =P Here we go.

1. Floss. Daily.
2. Blog more.
3. Turn off lights when not in the room.
4. Read my Bible more.

So there we have it. Feel free to ask me how I'm doing throughout the year. =]

2009 was a good year. We had some big changes! (Read: a BABY!) March 8, 2009 we found out I was pregnant. And we were soooo excited! In April I got let go from my job (everyone thinks it was because I was pregnant) and so began my life as a stay-at-home wife. Staying at home probably helped me to have such an easy and healthy pregnancy. Which is good. In May we celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a weekend in Bar Harbor. Summer brought camp and flooded our home with lots and lots of teenagers. =] I knit lots of tiny baby things and Ben and I spent hot evenings swimming in the pond. (Feeling weightless is so much more fun when you're pregnant. =]) Fall passed slowly as I counted down the days until my due date. November 13th came and passed. November 16th our little angel arrived and has been rocking our world ever since. It was a good year. =]

We rang in the new year with Camp Berea's New Year's Retreat and all of our favorite teenagers.

Here's myself and baby Z hanging out at the retreat =]


Carolyn! said...

Favorite teenager =] hahaha, jk jk

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