Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding Weekend and Peas & Carrots =]

Phew!! I've been so busy lately! This past weekend both DH and I were in our friends' wedding. Here we are above looking all snazzy. I'm 23 weeks and 1 day pregnant in the picture. =]

This morning I was so excited to see that I have some pea pods on my plant! I decided not to go the full out garden route this year, but just try a couple things in pots on our outside steps. I had originally planted spinach too, but it never came up. Here are a few pictures of my beautiful greens!!

So, my computer seems to be in a permanent hibernation mode. Not cool. So I get online when I can. Which is the reason I haven't really updated lately. That and I haven't really done anything blog-worthy.

Camp is going well. We just started our 3rd week, so when we're done with this week we'll be officially half-way! That's a bittersweet milestone. I enjoy everyone being here, but I also enjoy having time with just my hubs. It's hard to find a happy medium, but we're doing pretty well at it I think. =]