Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yard Sale=SCORE!

So. I'm not one to usually go out yardsaling bright and early on a Saturday morn. I heard about this sale online and it sounded like they had a lot of baby stuff. (They did.) We got some incredibly awesome deals. Let us begin the break down. =]

Learning Curve: Lamaze Play Gym
(This isn't the exact one we got, but very similar)
Online price: $54.95
We paid: $2.00

Bumbo Seat w/ tray
Target price: $49.99
We paid: $7.00

Evenflo Hiker
Ebay price: $35.00
We paid: $10.00

JJ Cole Bundle Me
Target price: $39.95
We paid: $5.00

And last, but absolutely not least...

Baby Bjorn Original Carrier (With instruction manual!)
Target price: $79.99
We paid: $20.00

What we would have paid if we'd bought all this new: $254.88
What we paid*: $54.00
For a total savings of: $200.88!!!
I'm soooo glad we ended up going! I'm sure if we'd been there much later, (this was around 9am) all or most of these things would be gone! Yippee!!
*I realized after we were home that she had overcharged us by $10, but we still got an amazing deal overall, and the proceeds were going to help needy families, so I'm totally okay with it!

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BrendaR said...

Great prices!!! That was a yard sale worth going to!!! The stuff looks so nice...