Friday, June 12, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I realized that our nephew's birthday is tomorrow and we didn't have a present for him. Now keeping in my tradition of making gifts, I was able to make him this colored pencil roll completely from scraps from my fabric stash. Fabulous!

All rolled up and ready for travel. =]
Ready to use! Of course we bought him colored pencils to go with it and a doodle pad!
Andddd... today we're 18 weeks! I had a trim today, and during the shampoo, babe was kicking away! Evidentally he or she enjoys the shampoo as much as I do. =]

Here's the belly pic! I have a posed one, but I like this one Ben took when I wasn't looking better. It's more natural. I guess posing with emphasis on your stomach is weird other than at times like this! =]