Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's a...


We are so happy and excited to be expecting a sweet little girl. =] I have to admit, my "mother's instinct" was wrong!! I really thought she was a boy! But I couldn't be happier that in a few short months we will be the proud parents of a baby girl. =]

We don't own a scanner or I would post the u/s pictures now. I tried to take a decent one of the picture with my camera, but it just wouldn't come out. So, within a couple of days I should be able to make it somewhere that I can scan these babies in and be able to share!

After the u/s DH and I headed on down to Babies r Us and started our registry. It was so much fun!! =] I'm laughing a little at myself now because all along I was like, "We need to know what we're having so we can plan!!!" Then we ended up registering for a lot of gender neutral things anyway. It will be good to be able to use them with a 2nd baby no matter what though! And I don't want to get sick of pink!

I'm so excited to be able to get some girly fabrics in my stash though! =]

I'm off to continue making our bread and I'll try to post the u/s pictures soon!!


Anonymous said...

Yay for you! I am pretty partial to girls myself hehehehe!

BrendaR said...

From the 1st day we knew you were pregnant, Dad and I thought-girl! Even the day of the ultrasound we both still thought-girl! Little girls are wonderful. Little boys are pretty special, too, but they aren't real into tea parties and dolls (although, some girls aren't either). You will have lots of fun with her. We are so excited for you both. Love you!